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What can be done to help ADHD

What can be done to help ADHD

A recent study found a link between ADHD and Retained Primitive Reflexes.

Primitive reflexes are present in infancy and usually disappear by the age of one as the brain develops.

There is increasing evidence that children with ADHD and learning difficulties have retained primitive reflexes (RPRs) i.e. they have not disappeared.

Some symptoms of RPRs include motion sickness, poor coordination and balance, and visual and processing problems.

A recent study by Melillo et. al. aimed to see if a 12 week program including motor training, sensory stimulation, aerobic and strength conditioning, and academic-cognitive training reduced RPRs and increased performance in children with ADHD.

The results showed that the program was effective in reducing the RPRs in study participants. These reductions were associated with improved performance in mathematical problem solving and listening comprehension.

We use the Mellilo Method in our clinic. If you would like to know more hit the contact us button and organise a 20 min phone chat to see if we can help.


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