BBHT 06 - Chronic pain and your nervous system - Brain and Body Health
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BBHT 06 – Chronic pain and your nervous system

BBHT 06 – Chronic pain and your nervous system

In todays Podcast we have Dr Scott Wustenberg from Optimal life Chiropractic in to discuss what happens physiologically to your body when you have pain.

You nervous system is constantly adapting to do what ever you tell it to do better. If you work on your times table, that will get better because the neuronal networks responsible for maths will activate making the connections stronger and signalling more efficient. This process is called neuroplasticity and its a double edge sword.

Your nerves dont know they are sending pain signals, they are just trying to send signals better. Chronic pain often has a peripheral nervous system (PNS) and brain based component to it where the pain is being amplified by your nerves and neurons who have become very efficient at carrying and sending signals. Only problem is that they are pain signals.

In this podcast we talk about a great was to find out if your pain has a brain or PNS component to it. Knowing is half the battle and if we can identify what is going on then tailored therapy has a higher chance of being effective at providing relief.

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