BBHT 19: How to sleep better - Brain and Body Health
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BBHT 19: How to sleep better

BBHT 19: How to sleep better

Sleep is vital for several reasons. Firstly, during the initial 2-3 sleep cycles your body repairs the damage done that day. Stress, poor eating, exercise causing muscle micro tears all require recovery, if you are not sleeping well the repair phase for your body will not be as effective.

What we also know now is that in the later sleep cycles our brian gets detoxed. The metabolic load of what you went through during the day is cleaned up through your glymphatic system. This is also when your brain produces the neurotransmitters it will need for tomorrow as well as converting short term memories in to long term memories.

Poor sleep habits will have a significant impact on your brain and body health long term, which is why it is vitally important to know what you can do to sleep better.

Scott Wustenberg from Optimal life and I talk all about poor sleep and what to do to get effective sleep.


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