BBHT 21: Brett Jarosz, pre and post hip surgery - Brain and Body Health
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BBHT 21: Brett Jarosz, pre and post hip surgery

BBHT 21: Brett Jarosz, pre and post hip surgery

Brett Jarosz from Optimize Sports Chiropractic joins Scott Wustenberg from Optimal life Chiropractic and Eric Hansen from Brain and Body Health to talk about everything Brett went through pre and post a recent hip replacement.

The imortance of a multi-modal collaborative approach is critical in the rehab world. Brett, being one of the top clinicians for musculoskeletal rehab in Australia runs us through what rehab stratergies he went through before and after surgery and explains some of the core concepts behind his decision making. Scott weighs in on what could be done from a nutritional/ metabolic approach to promote optimal healing. I am also there, making the occasional 'hmm' or 'ahh' so that you know I'm still in the room.

Nutrition, Functional Neuro-Ortho rehabilitation, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, cryosauna therapy and more.


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