BBHT 22: Anxiety and what to do about it - Brain and Body Health
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BBHT 22: Anxiety and what to do about it

BBHT 22: Anxiety and what to do about it

Anxiety is horrible. If you have it or know someone who has it you have seen exactly how horrible.

There are many different causes for anxiety, Scott from Optimal life and I go through the neurology, biochemisty and metabolic components of anxiety and run through some simple research backed approaches that have helped our patients in the past.

Please note that neither Scott or myself are psychologists and that the biopsychosocial component to stress and anxiety is a major component and should be managed by a psychologist. We are presenting the neuro-mechanics and biochemisty of anxiety and what can be done to help those components.

If you have any questions please click the link above to get in touch with Scott or contact me at

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