BBHT 23: Hyperbaric oxygen and better health - Brain and Body Health
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BBHT 23: Hyperbaric oxygen and better health

BBHT 23: Hyperbaric oxygen and better health

We now have Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy in Brain and Body Health Gladesville 🙂

In todays podcast Scott Wustenberg from Optimal Life and I run through how HBOT works and what it is helpful for.

HBOT has some great research behind it for a range of issues. Conceptually we are aiming to increase oxygen in your tissues to help reduce inflammation and promote healing.

Traditionally used by high level athletes for recovery, Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has become more available to the public and a quick google search will show you more and more health clinics offering HBOT as a service to help speed up recovery.

If you have any questions about Oxygen therapy please email


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