BBHT 24: Anti-aging and mitochondrial health - Brain and Body Health
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BBHT 24: Anti-aging and mitochondrial health

BBHT 24: Anti-aging and mitochondrial health

This one was fascinating. Scott Wustenberg from Optimal Life said 'mitochondrial leakage' in a conversation and it was something I had never heard before, so we made a podcast about it.

It turns out that a consequence of over eating and under exercising, essentially not buring off excess calories, will damage your mitochondria (the part of each cell that produces energy) and over time the constant energy leakage will cause the mitochondria to breakdown faster than it should.

Mitochondria are pretty much the main thing keeping us alive, anything we can do to optimise our mitochondrial health will result in better energy levels and a longer life.

In the podcast Scott and I talk through a range of techniques that have been shown to help with mitochondrial health.


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