BBHT 25: Breathing, boobs and jaw problems - Brain and Body Health
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BBHT 25: Breathing, boobs and jaw problems

BBHT 25: Breathing, boobs and jaw problems

It turns out that we are coverd in bugs/ bacteria. Skin is the big one most people are aware of and a few have read into the gut microbiome and the impact an imbalance in your guts can have on your health. One microbiome that Scott Wustenberg from Optimal life and I were oblivious to was the microbiome in breast tissue!

In todays talk Scott and I talk about the microbiome in breast tissue and what an imbalance there can do to your health and the health of any babies currently breastfeeding off said boob.

We also run through the neurology of jaw problems and talk about how stress can have a huge impact on the mechanics of how your jaw moves and also how a jaw movement problem can impact your stress! (chicken and the egg scenario).

To finish any good conversation that includes stress we talk about breathing...because its important to breathe...really important.

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