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Brain and Body Health is a multi-discipline health treatment centre offering a choice of options to treat any health concerns or reach your health goals. Sometimes you may need one approach, and other times a synergistic approach will help you get back to optimum health quicker. At Brain and Body Health we have a team of highly educated, motivated and effective therapists who can work collaboratively or individually to get you out of pain quicker or get you underway to a new healthier, happier you.
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A recent study found a link between ADHD and Retained Primitive Reflexes.Primitive reflexes are present in infancy and usually disappear by the age of one as the brain develops. There is increasing evidence that children with ADHD and learning difficulties have retained primitive reflexes (RPRs)...

If you have tried yelling ‘Calm Down’ at your kid with anxiety and it didn’t work then keep reading. If we look at anxiety from a neurophysiological point of view anxiety is an issue with over activation in some networks in the brain and underactivity in...