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Get effective relief from headache pain with Gladesville Chiropractor, Dr Eric Hansen and his team. They use a comprehensive approach to diagnose and relieve your headache pain. Call now to find out more or book online.
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Effective Headache Treatment


Everyone will have a Headache at some stage of their life, but if you are one of the unfortunate few who suffers from frequent headaches then you probably have become dependent on panadol/ neurofen (NSAIDs) to get you through the day.


The problem with long term dependence on NSAIDs produces visible injury to your small intestine which can lead to;


  • Stomach pain
  • Indigestion
  • Ulcers and
  • Bleeding
  • Poor absorption


Not to mention that one of the side effects of using NSAIDs is Headaches.


There are many possible causes of Headache, from the sinister (cancer) to the benign (too much sugar). Fortunately the top 3 causes of headache are due to;


  • Problems with the muscles and joints in and around the spinal joints in your neck
  • Trauma to the neck from whiplash
  • Spasms in the muscles in the neck and shoulders from poor posture.


Fortunately for you, there is a lot of evidence showing the benefits of Chiropractic and other manual therapies in improving the health of your neck muscles and joints which may have an effect on your headaches.


While NSAIDs certainly have their place in helping with headaches and pain, they should only be relied on for short periods.


To find out why you are experiencing Headaches please call 9817 6611 to book an appointment.