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Get help for low back pain with Gladesville Chiropractor, Dr Eric Hansen and his team. They use a comprehensive approach to diagnose and manage your back pain for lasting relief. Call now to find out more or book online.
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Low Back Pain

Looking for Low Back Pain Relief?


Statistics show us that 8 out of 10 people will have low back pain during their life, 1 out of 10 will suffer serious disability from that pain. Gladesville Chiropractor, Dr. Eric Hansen and his team have, over 10+ years, seen many people looking for relief from their back pain.Back pain occurs when the spine and muscles fail to work correctly and fall out of alignment. Much like getting a tire alignment helps your car to work better, seeing Dr Eric Hansen and his team to get your body aligned and moving better can be beneficial in helping low back pain.At Brain + Body Health we firmly believe that a team approach is the fastest method to getting you healthy again. After an Initial consult with Dr. Hansen you will be examined by the rest of his team who will then come up with a combined approach best suited to you. The approach will use a combination of;


  • Chiropractic techniques
  • Remedial massage
  • Acupuncture
  • Nutrition
  • Stretches and
  • Strengthening exercises


Rest assured, you will be part of the decision making process.


If you have back pain, Call 9817 6611 today.


There are several types of back pain, the most common are;


  • Facet joint strain
  • Disc injuries
  • Sciatica
  • Muscle strains


Facet joint strain –


Each vertebra in your spine has 2 joints that connect it to the vertebra above it. These joints help to guide your spines movements. Around these joints are a set of muscles called your intrinsic spinal muscles, they act to stabilize and support your spinal joints. Unfortunately, prolonged sitting and inactivity causes the intrinsic muscles to weaken to the point that they can no longer protect your spinal joints. This puts a lot more load on the joints in your back, causing them to become inflamed and cause pain.

The most effective means of correcting low back pain is to first decrease the inflammation in the spinal joints followed by strengthening the intrinsic spinal muscles. The evidence shows that Chiropractic is effective at relieving low back pain through manipulations of your facet joints.


Disc Injuries –


In between each vertebra are discs which act as shock absorbers. The inside of the disc is liquid but the outside is like a tough leather belt. When the muscles that protect your spine weaken, excess pressure builds up in the discs. In effect this is like bending that belt back and forth. Eventually a crack will appear in the belt, known as an annular tear. The next level of disc injury is when the outer shell of the disc weakens enough to bulge out to one side (disc bulge). Finally the disc can burst, these cases usually require surgery.

Several studies have shown an increase in muscle activity in the low back after a chiropractic manipulation. The increased muscle activity strengthens the muscles that protect the discs.

Typically the pain from Disc bulges lasts for 6 weeks, however the cause of the disc injury is still there, if you don’t get therapy for your back it is likely to happen again.


Sciatica –


Your Sciatic nerve is formed by several spinal nerves joining together in your low back. Because of its size and location, it can be irritated by;


  • Lumbar joint or disc injuries
  • Pelvic joint inflammation or
  • Tight muscles in your pelvis (piriformis)


The cause of your sciatic pain could be coming from one of or all of the above points.

Fortunately, evidence shows that Chiropractic, massage and acupuncture can be effective at relieving sciatic pain.


Muscle strains –


Strained your back mowing the lawn? moving boxes? At the gym? If the pain develops immediately during a movement you may have overloaded the muscle. Some types of muscle pain occur after exercise and typically subsides after 2 days. In either case massage therapy can help speed up the recovery process.

There is a common misconception that ‘the pain will just go away and the problem will fix itself’. While the pain my decrease, it will come back, usually worse than before.


Do your spine a favour and call 9817 6611 to book an initial consult and find out why your back is in pain.