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Get relief from shoulder pain with Gladesville Chiropractor, Dr Eric Hansen and his team. Their comprehensive approach to diagnose and manage your shoulder pain is aimed at lasting relief. Call now to find out more or book online.
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Shoulder Pain

Treatment for Shoulder Pain


Unfortunately, 2 out of 3 people will have shoulder pain over their lifetime, ranging from major traumas to ‘can’t sleep on my shoulder at night’. Over the last 10+ years, Dr. Eric Hansen and his team have seen many people looking for relief from their shoulder pain.


The shoulder is an amazingly complex joint allowing for a huge range of movements. Pain in the shoulder can develop from either bad shoulder posture or trauma to the area.


The resting position of your shoulder depends on the tightness and weakness of the muscles that attach to your shoulder. Unfortunately, modern life has us desk bound more often than not which encourages our shoulders to roll forward. The further forward your shoulders roll the more strain you put through your rotator cuff (a group of muscles that keep your shoulder in its socket).


If you put too much pressure on your shoulder you can, quiet easily, cause a muscle or joint strain.


The key to helping your shoulder pain is to identify the cause of your shoulder pain.


Research has shown that collaborative approaches achieve faster results.


If you have shoulder pain, call 9817 6611 to see if we can help