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Get help with sports injury pain with Gladesville Chiropractor, Dr Eric Hansen and his team. Their comprehensive approach to diagnose and relieve your sports pain injury will get you training again, pain free. Call now to find out more or book online.
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Sports Performance

Sports Performance


We have 2 goals at Brain + Body Health. First, get you out of pain, second, lets help you to get stronger.


If you are in pain and still training, your muscles wont be switching on to their strongest. Your body is very good at sensing injuries and as a self-defence mechanism the muscles around an injury slacken so that there is not as much strain on the injured tissue.


So the first step to helping you get stronger is to help get rid of any pain you are feeling.



Once the pain has subsided your muscles will begin to switch back on to their fullest. However, if you have been in chronic pain your movement patterns begin to change. Your knees may buckle inward with squats or lunges or your shoulders may buckle with overhead pushes (to name a few). The problem is that your body becomes very good at using the wrong movement pattern and that once the pain has gone your body continues to use the wrong pattern instead of reverting back to the correct pattern.


The second challenge we face in helping you to get stronger is to re-educate your body on how to move properly again. This is a very important process as if you continue to use the wrong movement patterns with your exercise you will be creating injuries and pain sites that will continue to worsen until the movement pattern is corrected.


If you are interested in helping your body to move and perform better please call 9817 6611 to book a consult.