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Get relief from BPPV vertigo with Gladesville Chiropractor, Dr Eric Hansen and his team. Their comprehensive approach to diagnose and manage dizziness and vertigo offers lasting relief. Call now to find out more or book online.
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Vertigo Treatment

BPPV – Vertigo Treatment


BPPV or Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo is one of the most horrific conditions to experience. Fortunately the corrective procedure for BPPV takes minutes and usually leaves you feeling 100% vertigo free.


If you have ever had BPPV you know how debilitating the dizziness and vertigo can be. If you have never had BPPV, imagine being thrown onto the world’s worst rollercoaster ride without warning.


Your inner ears are an amazing apparatus, sensing the slightest of movements and relaying that information to your brain in milliseconds. There are 2 types of sensors;


  • Straight movement sensors.
  • Spinning movement sensors.


Straight movement sensors (otoliths) are like plates of jelly with tiny crystals on top. As the plate moves, the jelly wobbles which sends signals into your brain to tell it that you are moving. The spinning sensors are like hoops filled with water, as you spin the liquid in the hoop moves, sending signals to your brain to tell it which way you are spinning.


BPPV occurs when the crystals from the otoliths/ jelly sensors fall off and move into the hoop sensors. As the crystals move around the hoops your brain interprets this information as you being violently spun around.


The Epley maneuver is a technique for moving the crystals out of the hoops and back to where they belong.


Statistics show that there is an 80% chance of you having a second episode of BPPV within a 12 month period.


90% of patients with BPPV are symptom free after 2 sessions of the Epley maneuver.


If you have BPPV please call 9817 6611 and we can organise an appointment for you asap.