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Cupping Therapy – How it looks

What is Cupping Therapy?

With the 2016 Olympic games now over it is hard to look past the impressive feat accomplished by Michael Phelps. With close to several thousand gold medals it was interesting to see the large circular bruises on his shoulders while Michael was competing. These circles come from Cupping Therapy, a way of improving blood flow in muscles that have been traumatised, either recently or from a long time ago.

I’m a firm believer of trying something out before putting my patients through the same therapy. Below is a quick video of me getting Cupping Therapy for the first time.


Why it helps

By increasing the blood flow to the injury we help to flush out inflammation that has built up in the area along with any scar tissue debris. In Michael Phelps’ case, this helped him to continue to compete without being held back by any injuries. Cupping also helps to relax tight muscles.

Who it can help

Cupping therapy isn’t just for Athletes anyone with ongoing tightness in their muscles can benefit from it. If you’re tight from exercise or from a day in the office Cupping can help relax you muscles, decrease pain and improve your strength.

Does it hurt?

Not really, it does feel bizarre at first but after a minute it starts to feel relaxing. If you get a dark bruise forming under on of the cups it is an indication that that area has been under strain or trauma for a long time. If you don’t get a bruise it means it was a recent injury.

Our Acupuncturist Dr Bobby Song and myself (Dr Eric Hansen) can perform cupping therapy. If you would like to come in and try it out please get in contact with us to make an appointment. Call 9817 6611 or click here to make an appointment with us.

Helping people in Gladesville and the surrounding suburbs.

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