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Exercise For Good Posture

There are a few exercises that help posture by strengthening the large strap muscles of our back. However, this will only get you so far. There are small muscles that run in between your backbones that are called your spinal intrinsic muscles. These small muscles are the ones that give you a strong spine and good posture. Unfortunately they are more reflexive than consciously controlled which makes improving your posture through exercises difficult. That being said here are the most effective exercises that may help;

  • Laying face down with your arms in front of you arch your back lifting your legs and torso off the floor. These are called Supermans
  • In the same position as above but with your arms straight out to your sides, lift off the floor. These are Peter pans.

Another great exercise is to imagine that there is a balloon tied to your head and sternum pulling you up, that will take you very close to perfect posture.

Other great exercises are any that strengthen the back muscles, if you have access to the gym here are some great ones;

  • Back extensions
  • Bent over rows
  • Lat pull downs (make sure the bar hits your sternum every time)
  • Pull ups
  • Dead lifts
  • Plank

Finally, the age old best exercise for posture is the one our Grandma told us to do…Balance a book on your head ????

  • No pain
  • Great function
  • Your spine will last a life time and not fall apart in your later life.

Here are some cool links;

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