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Glute activation is the key to helping chronic low back pian.
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Glute Activation – the missing piece of the low back pain puzzle

Glute Activation – the missing piece of the low back pain puzzle

Are you suffering from low back pain? Have you tried every single exercise to help strengthen your core and low back? Are you sick of spending countless hours of time and money on therapy? If you answered "YES" to any of these questions then you may be missing a key factor in eliminating your low back pain.

The missing piece that you may be looking for are your GLUTES! Glute activation is often overlooked in the treatment of low back pain even though they are a major player when it comes to hip and lumbar spine (low back) stability. The glute max is the largest muscle in the human body, which means it is responsible for doing a lot of the work that keeps us upright. If our glutes fall asleep, smaller, weaker muscles in our low back have to work extra hard to keep us moving; thus causing low back pain. Research shows that activation and strengthening of the glutes were effective for improving low back pain, lumbar muscle strength, and balance in chronic low back pain patients.

Living with low back pain can make the simplest daily tasks difficult, and when the problem is left unsolved it often gets worse and becomes more time consuming and expensive to fix. Having a pain free back is crucial to having a healthy life and feeling good about yourself. Achieving pain relief can be easier than you might think and we have developed a 3-Step No Back Pain System to guide you step-by-step towards a pain free back. Simply send us an email and it will be all yours!

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  • Stephanie Robertson
    Posted at 22:18h, 30 November Reply

    Makes sense! Please send me your 3 step Glute activation guide. plus the Chronic Back Pain e book. Thanks,

    Stephanie Robertson

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