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Hip Hip Hooray! Say goodbye to hip pain

Everyone knows that having a desk job can lead to many aches and pains which we all complain about but very rarely do anything to fix it. Hip pain is one of the main areas where you may be feeling. This sensation is due to your brain sending messages to your hip to get the joint moving again. The longer you sit without moving it, the worse this sensation gets.
The tightness in your hips can be easily fixed through 6 simple stretches which will not only help with your tight hips but will also help you achieve a greater range of motion in that area.

Top 6 stretches for Hip Pain

Warrior Pose

Having both feet face forward step forward with one leg. Raise both arms above your head shoulder width apart. Bending the front knee, you will feel a stretch in the hip and quad region of your back leg.

Downward Dog

Starting with feet shoulder width apart bend forward until your hands are firmly on the ground. Walk your hands out until you get into a position which is comfortable yet you feel a stretch in the back of your legs in your hamstrings.

Low Lunge Quad Stretch

Having both feet facing forward step forward with one leg. Bending your front leg place the knee of your back leg on the ground. Grab hold of your back foot, pulling it up towards your buttock. Pull up until you feel a tolerable stretch in the quad of the leg you are holding.

High Opener Stretch

Having both feet facing forward extend the back leg whilst keeping that knee off the ground. Bending your front leg lean into it until you feel a stretch in the groin and hip region of the back leg. To feel an even greater stretch raise the same hand as the leg which is extended back above your head.

Pigeon Stretch

Crossing one shin on the floor in front of you, extend the other leg back behind you. Leaning forward, over your front shin, place your forearms or hands on the ground in front of you. Tilting your pelvis into the ground you should feel a stretch in the hip region of the leg extended back.

Cross-legged Arm Reach

Sitting crossed legged take one arm and bend it over your head and try to touch the opposite shoulder blade. Take the other arm and move it behind to try and grab the other arm.

Sitting for extended periods of time has many negative impacts on your health. These issues can lead to:

•    Becoming overweight and obese
•    Unhealthy blood sugar levels and type-2 diabetes
•    An increased risk of heart disease
•    Slows digestion through the compression of the abdominal contents
•    Strained neck and shoulder muscles which can effect one’s posture

The risk of these issues can be lessened through slight modifications to tasks which you would normally do sitting down. These include, walking through the office whilst taking phone calls, walk across to your co-worker and talk to them instead of sending an email and/or every 30 minutes getting up out of your chair and having a quick stretch.
It is important to note that over stretching may cause more damage so with every stretch you do you want it to be comfortable enough that you are able tolerate it. If symptoms persist, give us a call on (02) 9817 6611 and we can book you in for a consultation with our chiropractor or masseuse.

Please talk to a health professional if your hip pain persists.

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