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Looking after your Spine

There are three important concepts you need to know about looking after your spine.

  1. There is no such thing as a spine transplant, look after the one you have.
  2. If you service your car regularly, you should do the same for your spine.
  3. It’s all about movement and posture.

We have all had a pain in our spine and said ‘I’ll just give it a few days to settle on its own’, which is fine but what happens is after inflammation leaves an injured area scar tissue is left behind.

The scar tissue lays down all over the place like spaghetti. The problem is that your muscle fibers and ligament strands all work in parallel bands and the spaghetti scar tissue interferes with the movement of the muscle and joint tissue by joining up those parallel fibers. This creates a weak spot which now becomes prone to injury, inflammation and more scar tissue. As this builds up the strength and function of the area gets worse and worse until your body can no longer fix the issue and starts to send pain signals as a call for help.

What we aim to do is break up the scar tissue to restore normal function to the area and strengthen up the weak muscles through exercise and Chiropractic. This stops the pain and gets you strong and healthy again so you can do more with your body.

The reason the posture of your spine is so important is that the worse your posture is, the more pressure on the muscles and joints of your spine. More pressure means more strain and increased chance of damage and inflammation. Fixing your posture is vital to the long term health of your spine.

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