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Perfect Posture

Perfect posture and Healthy posture are not necessarily the same thing. With perfect posture your ear, shoulder hip and ankle should all line up from the side.

This sounds great, however, some people have perfect posture in the way that they stand but, when they move out of perfect their joints are unstable and prone to injury.

Healthy posture is where you are in good alignment but you have good flexibility as well. This means that if you slump in your chair all day because of the health and flexibility of your posture, no damage is done and you feel no pain.

A healthy joint is one that is strong over a full range of movement and not just in one position.

To achieve healthy posture you need to;

  • Have health spinal joints
  • Have strong postural muscles
  • Good flexibility and
  • Exercise regualrly

The reason why healthy posture is so important is;

  • No pain
  • Great function
  • Your spine will last a life time and not fall apart in your later life.

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