Services - Brain and Body Health
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FNOR – Injury Rehabilitation


Functional Neuro-Orthopedic Rehabilitation (FNOR) is for people who have tried everything but fail to get significant relief or long term results.


The problems with traditional approaches to therapy and rehabilitation are;


  • Therapy is usually single modality, i.e. just physiotherapy or just chiropractic but not both working together for the benefit of the patient.

BPPV - Vestibular rehabilitation


There can be several causes for vertigo and by far the most common is BPPV or Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo.


BPPV is very easy to diagnose and treat with the Epley Maneuver however it can by missed or not fully corrected. The problem we have is that you brain relies on accurate input form you inner ears for several vital functions and with chronic imbalances in inner ear input there can be significant increases in anxiety, depression and decreases in balance.

Stress assessment


Ever feel constantly stressed? You may have tried meditation in the past but found it didn’t work for you, if that’s the case read on.


Your ability to feel stress is vital to your survival. The problem we have is that your brain is very good at getting better at what you tell it to repeatedly do. When you are repeatedly exposed to stress your body starts to make you stress dominant.

Injury prevention


Prevention is always easier than correction. Often with injuries that come back periodically there is an underlying weakness or instability in your body that is causing the injury to keep coming back.


That weakness/ instability can also have an effect on your strength and coordination. If you are involved in fitness or exercise you wont be performing at your peak while the instability is present.



Joint pain is the curse of the 21st century. Desk work and smart phones guarantee that for a majority of the day your joints are being stretched to their limits. This chronic over straining is a big cause of;


  • Chronic neck pain
  • Shoulder tightness
  • Poor head posture
  • Weak core
  • Chronic low back pain

Remedial Massage


Whether you exercise or not your muscles burn a lot of energy on a daily basis. The more you move, the more energy your burn. Just like with a car, waste products are produced when we burn energy, this metabolic waste is irritating to muscle tissue. If your muscles do not flush out the waste efficiently enough the buildup can cause muscle pain, tighten up the muscle and decrease the health of the tissue making it easier to damage.


Poor muscle and tendon health can be the difference between a personal best on the running track or tearing your hamstring. Long term poor muscle health is a big cause of poor posture, chronic muscle pain and poor athletic performance.

Neuro developmental rehab for kids


If you have noticed that your kids balance is not as good as other kids, they are prone to motion sickness or maybe they have trouble concentrating at school and have been labeled a daydreamer then read on.


Every baby has a set of primitive reflexes which are automatic actions that occur with certain stimuli. An example of this is the suckling reflex where if you stroke a babies cheek they will turn their head in that direction, another is the grasp reflex where if you put your finger in a babies palm they will grab your finger reflexively.



The effectiveness of Acupuncture continues to be proven more and more as new research come out. These days most midwives and GPs recommend Acupuncture for fertility and during pregnancy and the beneficial effects on stress are well documented.


Modern life is stressful on our body. Unfortunately, as our stress responses get activated more and more a side effect is poor metabolism, immune function, fertility and overall health. As far as your body is concerned when you are stressed the goal is to get away from the danger, not to feel calm and healthy with your body.

Animal therapy


Horses and Dogs just like humans get sore muscles and joints. If your Dog always sits to one side, is struggling to stand up, jump into the car, go for a run or not as agile as they use to be it may be due to pain in their muscles and joints and not just old age.


Perhaps your Dog is still sore after an injury or surgery, if that is the case they may need an assessment and some tailored therapy to help them recover as fast as possible.

Posture Improvement


You should have listened to your mum when she told you to stand up straight. Poor posture is the leading cause of chronic neck and back pain. The strain on your spine significantly increases in the slouched position and if you want to prevent future injury and wear and tear to your spine then correcting your posture now is your best option.


We all have key muscle groups that help us to maintain good posture. The key to correcting posture as fast as possible is to identify which postural muscles have switched off and what joints have stiffened up which is causing you to slouch.