Acupuncture - Brain and Body Health
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The effectiveness of Acupuncture continues to be proven more and more as new research come out. These days most midwives and GPs recommend Acupuncture for fertility and during pregnancy and the beneficial effects on stress are well documented.


Modern life is stressful on our body. Unfortunately, as our stress responses get activated more and more a side effect is poor metabolism, immune function, fertility and overall health. As far as your body is concerned when you are stressed the goal is to get away from the danger, not to feel calm and healthy with your body.


Acupuncture therapy involves an assessment of your organ function and the application of fine acupuncture needles to specific points around your body. The aim is to improve organ function and decrease stress.


Bobby Song is one of the few Acupuncturist in Sydney trained in traditional naval Acupuncture and continues his education with regular trips to China to study the latest developments in his field.


Your next step is to contact us for an initial consult with Bobby Song to find out how we can help you to get healthier.