Animal therapy - Brain and Body Health
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Animal therapy

Horses and Dogs just like humans get sore muscles and joints. If your Dog always sits to one side, is struggling to stand up, jump into the car, go for a run or not as agile as they use to be it may be due to pain in their muscles and joints and not just old age.


Perhaps your Dog is still sore after an injury or surgery, if that is the case they may need an assessment and some tailored therapy to help them recover as fast as possible.


After a detailed gait and joint assessment Dr Rebecca Hansen will perform some gentle mobilization techniques and show you some basic exercises for you to do with your Dog/Horse to help get your pet back to 100%


Dr Rebecca Vandenberg is one of the few practitioners who has completed a degree in Animal Biomechanical Medicine.


If you would like your Dog to be assessed for movement imbalances your next step is to book an initial consult with Dr. Rebecca Hansen