FNOR – Injury Rehabilitation - Brain and Body Health
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FNOR – Injury Rehabilitation

Functional Neuro-Orthopedic Rehabilitation (FNOR) is for people who have tried everything but fail to get significant relief or long term results.

The problems with traditional approaches to therapy and rehabilitation are;


  • Therapy is usually single modality, i.e. just physiotherapy or just chiropractic but not both working together for the benefit of the patient.
  • Failing to fully address the underlying mechanism that is causing the pain in the first place. For example a patient with foot pain that keeps coming back because traditional therapy has not corrected the instability in the pelvis that is causing the foot pain.


Traditional approaches to therapy that are one style of therapy at a time have been shown to be inferior to multi-disciplinary approaches in terms of speed of recovery and long term benefits. The impact this is having on patients are significant out of pocket expenses for therapy that is only providing short term relief or worse yet failing to correct the mechanical imbalances which speeds up the degeneration of the joints which may end up needing surgery to correct.


FNOR is about assessing patients and finding the best tailored approach for that patient that combines the best that Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Exercise rehabilitation and massage therapy has to offer. By utilizing the FNOR approach we aim to get you out of pain permanently and for you to be able to fix you instead of relying on therapists for the rest of your life.


The FNOR approach starts with assessing the body to identify exactly what tissues are generating your pain. A common finding with chronic pain in the FNOR system is that peripheral nerves in the painful area have become inflamed and begin to generate pain themselves. By using a proprietary Neuro-Prologel cream as part of therapy we have found fast and effective relief for people who have had constant pain and poor results with other therapists.


Next we identify the underlying movement imbalances or poor body bio-mechanics that are the cause of your pain and often the reason your pain keeps coming back.


Each therapy session involves a targeted combination of therapies to decrease your pain followed by approaches to help mobilise any tissues that have lost flexibility. Finally we work on activating muscle groups that are the cause of your poor movement patterns.


The FNOR approach allows us to quickly decrease your pain levels and to give you long term relief.


Dr Eric Hansen is one of a few practitioners in Australia to complete the FNOR course and to apply it in clinic.


Your next step is to either contact us to make an appointment or to fill out the form below for a GAP free video gait and scapular movement analysis where you will get a report on the underlying cause of your pain.