Injury prevention - Brain and Body Health
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Injury prevention

Prevention is always easier than correction. Often with injuries that come back periodically there is an underlying weakness or instability in your body that is causing the injury to keep coming back.


That weakness/ instability can also have an effect on your strength and coordination. If you are involved in fitness or exercise you wont be performing at your peak while the instability is present.


Finding out what that instability is and correcting it can have a huge impact on your body’s ability to do day to day tasks comfortably, perform athletic activities and prevent future injury.


Identifying the underlying weakness or instability can be done with a video functional gait and scapular movement assessment which involves tracking the way you move while you walk. Once we have that information we can identify what the underlying weaknesses are and tailor a rehabilitation program specific to you which will help you to move better and prevent future injury.


Dr Eric Hansen and his team at Brain and Body Health is one of the few clinics who have completed training in the FNOR system of rehabilitation.


Your next step is to contact us for an initial assessment or to fill out the form below for a GAP free functional gait assessment (Valued at $50).