Neuro Developmental Rehab for Kids - Brain and Body Health
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Neuro Developmental Rehab for Kids

If you have noticed that your kids balance is not as good as other kids, they are prone to motion sickness or maybe they have trouble concentrating at school and have been labeled a daydreamer then read on.


Every baby has a set of primitive reflexes which are automatic actions that occur with certain stimuli. An example of this is the suckling reflex where if you stroke a babies cheek they will turn their head in that direction, another is the grasp reflex where if you put your finger in a babies palm they will grab your finger reflexively. These are all normal reflexes that are active when babies are young to help them survive. As your babies brain develops and becomes more complex these primitive reflexes should switch off as the brain learns how to do the task on its own. However, sometimes these reflexes remain active and make it harder for the brain to take over which can lead to delays with your kids development.


There are a series of tests we can perform to see if your kid does have active primitive reflexes, if they do we tailor an exercise and neuro-rehabilitation program to help your kids brain switch off the primitive reflexes and set a solid foundation for further learning.


Abraham Tedjakusuma is one of the few Occupational Therapists trained in assessing and providing rehabilitation for Retained Primitive Reflexes.


Your next step is to contact us for an initial consultation or to fill out the form below for a GAP free 10 minute phone consult with Abraham to find out if Neuro-rehabilitationcould help your kid.