Posture improvement - Brain and Body Health
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Posture improvement

You should have listened to your mum when she told you to stand up straight. Poor posture is the leading cause of chronic neck and back pain. The strain on your spine significantly increases in the slouched position and if you want to prevent future injury and wear and tear to your spine then correcting your posture now is your best option.


We all have key muscle groups that help us to maintain good posture. The key to correcting posture as fast as possible is to identify which postural muscles have switched off and what joints have stiffened up which is causing you to slouch.


A targeted approach involving massage for muscle spasms, chiropractic for joint stiffness and exercise rehabilitation to strengthen the weak postural muscles can have fast and long term changes to your posture.


Dr Eric Hansen and his team at Brain and Body health is one of the few clinics in Sydney trained in Functional Neuro Orthopedic Rehabilitation along with vestibular rehabilitation. We help your posture by assessing the musculo-skeletal system as well as the neurological system controlling your posture.


Your next step is to contact us to book an appointment with Dr Hansen so we can help you to stand straighter asap.