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Help with Vertigo/ Dizziness

There can be many causes of Vertigo or dizziness; blood pressure issues, side effects to medication, anemia, hypoglycemia are just some of a very long list. One thing that is VERY important, it is NEVER normal. It is a distress call from your brain, don’t ignore it.

SIt goes without saying, but your brain is an amazing piece of machinery. One of its many roles is to integrate all the signals coming in from your eyes, ears and proprioceptive system (muscles and joints) to come up with an accurate picture of where your are in space and what direction you are moving in.

In an ideal world each sensor (eyes, ears, proprioception) sends the same signal to your brain saying ‘THIS is what is happening right now’ so your brain can come up with the most appropriate muscle responses to do what ever you are trying to do.

A patient of my friend and mentor Dr Brandon Brock, doing great work out of the Carrick Brain Center in Dallas.

Unfortunately sensory conflicts are a constant problem that your brain is coping with. For instance that ankle you sprained a month ago sensitivity to movement has changed, from birth your semicircular canals (spin sensors) don’t line up perfectly with one another or you had a head trauma and dislodged some crystals from the hair cells in your inner ear that help you to sense forward back movement. All of these sensory conflicts you brain recalibrates for so that you can move around as best as possible.

The PROBLEM is that your brain can only recalibrate so much sensory conflict before it cant make sense of what is going on and gets confused. Dizziness or Vertigo is the result of your brain getting confused about what is going on.

Fortunately, VESTIBULAR REHABILITATION THERAPY is very effective at helping your brain to recalibrate and reduce the cause of the vertigo or dizziness.

Chronic Dizziness or Vertigo can be a potent cause of anxiety. Several research papers have identified the link between vertigo and anxiety.

If you or anyone you know has vertigo or dizziness, come in and get checked to find out if we can help.

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