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Brain and Body Health is a multi-discipline health treatment centre offering a choice of options to treat any health concerns or reach your health goals. Sometimes you may need one approach, and other times a synergistic approach will help you get back to optimum health quicker. At Brain and Body Health we have a team of highly educated, motivated and effective therapists who can work collaboratively or individually to get you out of pain quicker or get you underway to a new healthier, happier you.
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Are your hips always feeling sore and tight regardless of all the stretching you do? Or maybe you'd like to improve your hip mobility to help with that deep squat? Check out this video for an extremely effective hip capsule stretch!   ...

If you're wondering why your pain hasn't been resolved even though you've seen physios, chiros, massage therapists and every other health professional in between, then read on because we've got the answer for you! Unfortunately, we see too many people who are hoping to be...