Chiropractic - Brain and Body Health
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Joint pain is the curse of the 21st century. Desk work and smart phones guarantee that for a majority of the day your joints are being stretched to their limits. This chronic over straining is a big cause of;


  • Chronic neck pain
  • Shoulder tightness
  • Poor head posture
  • Weak core
  • Chronic low back pain


Long term joint inflammation speeds up arthritis in the effected area which restricts the activities you feel that you can do without pain to the point that you no longer feel you can run or walk long distances, basic human movements.


Joint inflammation also causes muscles in the area to spasm up, often painfully creating a lot of the more common muscular problems in the neck shoulders and pelvis.


If you are interested in moving pain free and feeling more comfortable with your day to day activities then Chiropractic combined with other therapies is the thing you have been looking for.


Chiropractic therapy is about finding the joints in your body that are not moving the way they should. Once found we use techniques to restore normal joint movement to the affected area, sometimes this involves gentle mobilization stretches other times we use low force adjustments to the joint which can result in a ‘pop’ noise as the pressure is released from the joint. The technique we use is tailored to the patient.


Dr Eric Hansen and his team at brain and body health is one of the few clinics in Australia to integrate multiple disciplines into patient therapy. When you come to Brain and Body Health the therapy is tailored to you to get you out of pain and reaching goals as fast as possible.


Your next step is to contact us for an initial consult or fill out the form below for a GAP free 10 min phone consult with Dr Hansen to find out if we can help.